Food For Thought: Japan

AfterNow: Introduction

In the summer of 2017 NewStories will publish Bob Stilger's Book AfterNow: When We Cannot See the Future, Where Do We Begin. The book is his story of how he entered in to the intense field of collapse. It is the stories of how people found their way forward to create a new normal -- a new NOW. Read full post

Disaster as A Springboard

Bob Stilger
  Bob Stilger describes his learning and experience from the first three years of work after the triple disasters in Japan on March 11, 2011.  Beyond the tragedy of disaster, there is a huge opening in which the new can be given birth   Read full post


Bob Stilger
Bob Stilger spent four years working in Japan's triple disaster area and shares stories, insights and questions about how we create a future when the world we know falls apart. Read full post


Bob Stilger
世界のあちこちで、人々は新しい形でリーダーシップを取ろうとし始めている。その人たちは多くの場合、組織や地域社会で権力をもつ立場にいるわけではない。ただ、なされるべきことが見え、進んで声を上げ、そして実際に行動する人々なのだ。しばしば、前に進み始める時には心臓が恐ろしさでどきどきしているのだが、今こそ未来への新しい可能性をもたらすべき時だと彼らは信じているのだ。 Read full post

Disaster as a Springboard for Thriving Resilient Communities

Bob Stilger
This article chronicles the initial response to Japan's triple disasters of March 11, 2011. It looks at how people begin to create the new after everything falls apart. Read full post