Food For Thought: resilience

Disaster as A Springboard

Bob Stilger
  Bob Stilger describes his learning and experience from the first three years of work after the triple disasters in Japan on March 11, 2011.  Beyond the tragedy of disaster, there is a huge opening in which the new can be given birth   Read full post

Learning Resilience

Bob Stilger
Bob Stilger had a chance to talk about learning resilience at the 2014 TEDxTokyo Teachers event.  It was a delightful evening when he had a chance to practice some of what he described! Read full post

Revolutionary Change Theories: A Multilevel Exploration of the Punctuated Equilibrium Paradigm

Connie Gersick
Questions about change have commanded the attention of organization theorists for many years.  How do individuals. groups, organizations and industries evolve over time/  How do they adapt or fail to adapt to changing environments?  How can change be planned and managed?  The need to understand change processes is particularly critical now, when dramatic alterations are Read full post

The Healing Century

Robert Theobald
Despite the widespread frustrations of our time, I believe we must live with hope. We are capable of making a profound positive shift in our thinking. The heart of this shift would be for us to conceptualize the 21st century as the healing century. Read full post