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Story of Hope and Renewal

Posted by Lynnaea Lumbard on April 8, 2012

Every once in a while, I am called upon to stand formally in my role as an Interfaith Minister.  This is a short talk I gave as part of the Easter service at the Whidbey Institute on Whidbey Island, WA. I was asked to tell a story of hope and renewal. Of Redemption. My first Read full post


Launching the Great Transition Stories Project

Posted by Lynnaea Lumbard on February 1, 2012

Today we launched our newest project—Great Transition Stories! This has been a labor of love over the past year as we—mostly Duane Elgin, Jeff Vander Clute, and me—have worked to gather the large, overarching stories of change that give hope and guidance for a thriving future. Our collaborative team has grown in recent months to Read full post


Future Centers

Posted by Lynnaea Lumbard on

What’s your immediate response when you hear the words “Future Center”? I first heard them a few months ago from Bob Stilger who had been working in Japan as a witness and host and facilitator for the cultural transformation underway in the aftermath of the disasters in 3/11. See his blogs about his journey. Several Read full post

Postcards from the Edge

Posted by Lynnaea Lumbard on May 10, 2011

Sometimes an event happens that disturbs the whole system so profoundly that, like a gunshot wound in a key organ, the life of the body is threatened. And, if you survive it, you’ll never be the same. Japan is like that, having been hit by a perfect storm of multiple synchronous systems collapse at once Read full post

Am I optimistic?

Posted by Lynnaea Lumbard on August 10, 2010

Today my husband asked me: Are you optimistic? The question came out of our ongoing dialogue about new stories, where they’re emerging and whether they will make a difference.  He was asking me if I was optimistic that humanity could make enough of a shift in our collective consciousness to effect a positive, life-giving change Read full post

Is Avatar a New Story?

Posted by Lynnaea Lumbard on July 18, 2010

I recently saw James Cameron’s new film Avatar in I-MAX 3-D. It’s an intense experience, if for nothing else than being on an alien planet during a war for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Beyond luxuriating in the fantastical images, I came away with a lot of questions, uppermost being: Is Avatar telling a new Read full post

Fear at the beginning

Posted by Lynnaea Lumbard on December 3, 2009

test Read full post

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