Speakers and Presentations

Sometimes you want someone to come in and shake things up a bit.

Typically, you want someone who speaks from real experience or someone who has had a chance to think deeply about different themes and has figured out how to make them more accessible to the rest of us.

Many of our New Stories Team can work with you in this capacity.  Some of us will want to go a step further and turn a speech or a presentation into a dynamic engagement.  We’ll share some ideas, provoke a community conversation, make the conversation that goes on in parts of the community visible to the whole, and then speak to what we hear.

Our work as speakers can startle, provoke, inform and inspire you.  Our intent, always, is to help you see a broader view and develop the confidence needed to step forward, offering your own gifts and leadership to make a difference.

Please contact us and let us know what you are considering.