Humane Prison Hospice Project

We are on a mission to implement and support end of life care in prisons. The need is growing in a crisis manner as there is a huge aging prison population and in most prisons there are no hospice programs in place, leaving at worst, the inmate to die alone in great suffering, or at Read post

Great Transition Stories

The most difficult challenge facing humanity is not devising solutions to the energy crisis or climate crisis or population crisis; rather, it is bringing stories or narratives of the human journey into our collective awareness that empower us to look beyond a future of great adversity and to see a future of great opportunity. Read post

Gaiafield Project

Work done at the subtle level often has a more immediate and more powerful impact than our direct work in the materials world. The Gaiafield project is an ongoing exploration of subtle activism practices, theories and applications. Read post

Thriving Resilient Communities

Known by many names – Transition Towns, Post-Carbon, Thriving Communities, Bioneers, Sustainable Communities – it all comes down to questions about how we live well with each other on this small and beautiful planet. TRCC is a field where many are sharing practice. Read post


Our immersive storytelling began in 2012 with the production of our signature show “EARTH PORTAL,” developed for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Seattle World’s Fair. We’ve taken our StoryDome up and down the West Coast for programs, as well as at home on Whidbey Island Read post

Thriving Salish Sea

This is the micro-region that is home to New Stories. It is one of the world’s many vibrant eco-systems. What’s needed now if we are to create a network of thriving resilient communities throughout the region? Read post

Resilient Japan

The triple disasters of March 11, 2011 were a huge wake up call in Japan. People in the region devastated by earthquake, tsunami and radiation and around the whole country are asking critical questions about what kind of life they want and where to find happiness. Read post

Kufunda Learning Village

Kufunda Learning Village has grown up during the years that Zimbabwe has fallen apart. It has been a living example of how people come together, use their own resources, ask for help they need, and build thriving resilient community. New Stories has been a partner since the beginning. Read post

Thrive Napa Valley

Thrive Napa Valley is helping to build resiliency in the region by shining a light on our communities’ success stories by connecting social innovators to one another and by promoting the most effective sustainable practices from around the world. Read post

The Project on Food and Community

The Project on Food and Community (PFC) is committed to healthy food, healthy people, healthy communities. Read post