ProjectsNew Stories’ strategy is to sponsor projects and partner with others for creating, designing, collecting and offering resources, curricula, courses, conferences, workshops, seminars and trainings, both virtual and in person that promote an improved understanding of the forces affecting our future and offer tools for navigating the process of change. We:

  • help build the field of new stories through researching and describing what works;
  • tell new and transformational stories through multiple modalities;
  • actively nurture visions of thriving communities; and
  • highlight and connect people and organizations making a difference in co-creating a more harmonious world.

Our projects are multi-dimensional experiments in co-creating a world that honors all of humanity’s voices while living the values of compassion, collaboration, community, creativity and consciousness. Our intentions are:

  • To help people understand how the stories we tell ourselves, or are unconsciously embedded in, shape our beliefs, actions, and well-being.
  • To draw attention to the new stories that are emerging around the world that offer possibilities for a life-affirming future.
  • To open to the larger cosmic story unfolding through us and begin to participate with it more consciously.
  • To serve the Great Turning by bringing awareness to evolution’s natural direction and where and how are we being called forward into Life’s next step.