We will be adding interesting resources here from time to time which give further perspective on what is emerging in Japan. If you have something you believe would be useful to share here, please e-mail me using the contact form.
This is a piece Bob Stilger has just written as we approach the 2nd anniversary of 31.11.11about what I’m learning about emergence and transformation from my work in Japan.  This is the beginning of a longer piece of work.  Please e-mail be (bob(a) with comments.  Thanks!
This is an amazing story which illustrates how knowledge has been both carried forward through millennia in Japan and both used and lost. A story of stone markers, hundreds of years old, that have warned of tsunami danger.
A heartbreaking back-story of how work to recover from the nuclear disasters is proceeding.
When crises hit, when the going gets tough, it is the women who bear most of the burden of making things work and beginning to remake community. Men need to learn how to stand as their partners.
Tales from High Mountain  (Tara Austen Weaver)
“In the first moments after I heard Japan had been struck by an earthquake last March, I wasn’t worried. Japan has plenty of earthquakes. I’ve felt them myself, and I know they are more prepared to weather such things there than in any other country on earth. This was before I saw the footage that showed an earthquake and aftermath unlike any we have ever seen.”