Napa Farmer's Market

Much of the attention of New Stories is focused on what humanity’s transition looks like on the ground. Our Thriving and Resilient Communities projects seek to discover where new stories are already emerging, to connect what’s already working, and to offer the skills of conscious leadership that build respectful and compassionate communities.

Thrive Napa Valley

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Thrive Napa Valley brings people together across social and economic divides to envision and create a thriving Napa Valley that works for all residents. The project is connecting community leaders and hosting conversations that matter to identify and address systemic challenges. Areas of focus include: Compassionate Napa Valley, a collaboration with local organizations affirming the Charter for Compassion; youth empowerment with Generation Waking Up; and the Thrive Symposium, an interactive multimedia presentation that explores the interconnections between environmental sustainability, social justice, and spiritual fulfillment.

Susie Locarnini is a community builder and the executive director of Thrive Napa Valley.

Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory

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The Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory is an action research network exploring new collaborative strategies to scale the thriving resilient community movement in North America. The Collaboratory enables leading organizations—a dozen so far, including Bioneers, Post Carbon Institute, and Transition US—to connect hearts and minds through nurturing deep heartspace, hosting dialogues and gatherings, and seeding cross-organization working groups. The project is currently focused on catalyzing a multi-stakeholder Resilient Communities Network to debut at Bioneers 2012.

Leslie Meehan, Ph.D., is executive director of the Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory.

Thriving Communities

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Thriving Communities is a collaboration with the Whidbey Institute to help grow a movement of communities, in the Cascadia bioregion and beyond, that are illuminating a path beyond sustainability to thriving, i.e. the highest level of integrative well-being in partnership with Nature. New Stories is supporting the development of a learning community of practice and a wiki for movement-building resources, toolkits, and harvests from events such as the Whidbey Institute’s Thriving Communities conference series and the Thriving Organizational Ecosystem Summit.

Jeff Vander Clute is ED of New Stories and project director of Thriving Communities.