Calendar of Events

Find out about the New Stories Learning Journey to Japan this November and keep coming back as we add more events! Read post


Photo Gallery

Images convey so much meaning. They are alive with stories! We’ll be creating various galleries of images from places around the world where people are working together to build thriving resilient communities. Read post


Video Gallery

We will be posting galleries here of some of the videos we think are helpful. They will all be available through Food for Thought as well. Coming soon! Read post


Food for Thought

Return soon! We’re designing a way to help you access the articles, books, websites, videos and other materials that we’ve found useful at New Stories and that we think you will as well! Read post



  We invite you to find a comfortable posture. Sit back, relax. ┬áPay attention to your breathing. Come present here. Let this field of images and words wash over you. Take them in. Let them speak to you. Notice what arises. What is the new story being born inside of you? Read post

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