Tom Atlee: Co-Intelligence Institute, The Tao of Democracy

Thomas Berry: The Great Work, Dream of the Earth, The Sacred Universe

Michael Dowd: Thank God for Evolution, The Great Story,

Duane Elgin: The Living Universe, Awakening Earth

Robert Gilman: In Context, The New Story

Andrew Harvey: The Hope, The Direct Path, The Divine Feminine

Peggy Holman: Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity

Jean Houston: Jump Time, A Passion for the Possible, Social Artistry

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Foundation for Conscious Evolution:

Kevin Kelley: The Home Planet

Bruce Lipton: Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution

Joanna Macy: The Great Turning, Practices That Reconnect,

Rick Tarnas: Passion of the Western Mind, Cosmos and Psyche, CIIS

Brian Swimme: Powers of the Universe, Canticle to the Cosmos

Margaret Wheatley: Turning to One Another, Perseverance