Meta Stories

Meta stories hold us. They are the larger or archetypal stories that give meaning and purpose to our lives and direction for our actions. We can be living more than one story and we can change the stories we live in. Different stories address different levels of our lives—we have a personal story and a family story, an ancestral story and a cultural or religious story, a story of our place and a story of our times. Sometimes they are in harmony, sometimes they aren’t. What becomes liberating and healing is to know what story you are in, where you are in it, whether it’s a transformational story, how you want to be in it or step out of it, and what it is asking you to learn or guiding you to do.

This section helps to name these larger stories so that we might find our place in them and have the opportunity to choose anew what stories we live out.


Archetypal Story Patterns

Story is the way we pass on our history, our beliefs, our points of view. It is the way we teach our children and show them their place in the universe. Story is the way we tell our friends what is going on in our lives and how we perceive our reality. Read post

Creation Stories

How did the world come to be? Where did humans come from? Why are we here? What difference does it make how these questions get answered? Every religion and culture has a story about how the world was formed and how and why humans came to be. Read post

Universe Story

Start with Universe – Buckminster Fuller
Would you rather live in a dead universe or a living universe? – Shiloh Boss
We exist in a world where, as Bioneers puts it: “It’s all alive, it’s all connected, it’s all intelligent, it’s all relatives.” Read post

Teaching Stories

Teaching stories are a way to communicate profound and sometimes unusual concepts or ways of being through the vehicle of story. From my experience, there are teaching stories that have “lived in my heart forever,” guiding me and those around me through a number of life’s difficult traverses. Read post

End-Times Stories

Almost every culture and religion has an end-times story embedded in it. Some of these stories are very present in the cultural consciousness, sometimes they seem more hidden and obscure. Read post

Transformational Stories

Transformational stories are ones that address the process of change itself. The word transformation implies a level of radical change that addresses essential nature as well as outer form, function, structure or configuration. Read post