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The Unexpected New Fukushima: Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #52 – December 21st

Posted by bobstilger on December 22, 2013

What an amazing couple of days.  As usual, I didn’t know what was going to happen.  My friend Honda-san had said, let’s go visit the smaller towns nearest the reactors and a woman who has been working with me in many ways, including as a translator, Mame, said she would come too.  We were joined […] Read full post

Cleaning Up Fukushima — Inch by Inch: Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #49

Posted by bobstilger on September 29, 2013

This afternoon I stood on the seawall five miles north of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants.  A lovely fall day.  I began a loving kindness meditation:  may I be filled with loving-kindness; may I be well; may I be peaceful and at ease; may I be happy. The words came easily to heartmind, but my […] Read full post

Hospicing Stories of Fear, Midwiving Stories of Possibility — Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #42 ~ December 9th

Posted by bobstilger on December 9, 2012

Dear Friends, Earlier this week I was invited to have dinner with Peach Heart’s founders.  A year ago five young women created Peach Heart because they felt young women in Fukushima needed support in speaking their truths to each other.  There’s so much uncertainty for young women and so hard to share either grief or […] Read full post