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Creating More Access to More Thinking!

Posted by bobstilger on August 9, 2014

I’m a little surprised to have my first blog on the new New Stories website be about someone else’s work. It took me about 2 seconds to get over that.  And to remember that this site is here to give access to a wide variety of insights about how we’re creating new stories.  And that Read full post


Japan’s Edges: Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #56 – June 1, 2014

Posted by bobstilger on July 10, 2014

I’ve just spent 8 out of the last 10 days in Future Sessions with people from all over Japan — Fukushima, Tokyo, Kyoto, Shikoku, Kyushu.  It’s been an amazing time.  I want to share some of the stories and learning that are brewing in me.  I feel like I am following bread crumbs.  This is Read full post


Fukushima – Happiness at the Center: Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #53 – March 2nd

Posted by bobstilger on March 2, 2014

A thoughtful weekend… I’ve just returned from a weekend in Fukushima. I was with a small group of social activists. We all knew each other.  We came together to talk about what’s important now, as we prepare for the work of the next  20 or 30 years.  It was a special space.  Quiet, reflective.  We began by spending Read full post


Otsuchi Flowers Rebuild Community: Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #47 ~ March 15th

Posted by bobstilger on March 15, 2013

It takes about 7 hours to get to Otsuchi in Iwate Province to the north of Toky-. Four hours by high speed train, two hours by low-speed train, and about an hour by car. We went there yesterday for a FutureSession. Otsuchi is a costal town that had a population of about 17,000 before 3.11.11. Read full post


Nurturing Innovation — Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #41 ~ December 2nd

Posted by bobstilger on December 2, 2012

Dear Friends, I’m on my way home to Kyoto for a brief visit before returning for a for five final days of work in Fukushima.  Deep learning continues for me and for all of us as we discover how to support communities in Tohoku in creating a new future. We’ve found the person who will Read full post

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