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Building Now: High River, Alberta, Canada

Posted by bobstilger on January 18, 2016

Small communities can be amazing and High River, Alberta, Canada is at the top of my list right now. I’ve been with people in community there for three days. About 90 folks who care came out for one of more of four sessions of the Our High River Summit. That’s out of 13,000 people. In Read full post


1009 Days Since Disaster: Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #51 – December 13, 2013

Posted by bobstilger on December 13, 2013

I’ve been back in Japan for almost two weeks.  My last trip of the year.  Most of my work this time is learning and planning.  There’s always so much learning to do. Today I’ve been in Fukushima, at the Big Palette, a convention center.  Entering the space was hard on my heart.  I first heard Read full post


Old Normal?? – Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #44 ~ March 6th

Posted by bobstilger on March 6, 2013

I’ve been back in Japan for a couple of weeks, supporting our new Tohoku Futures Network.  It’s been nearly three months since my last report.  Time spent resting, thinking, and working to see next steps.  This year some of what I need to do is sensing some of the underlying patterns, trends and guideposts which Read full post


The Kamaishi Miracle– Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #43 ~ December 10th

Posted by bobstilger on December 9, 2012

You’ll find a lot of references if you Google “The Kamaishi Miracle,” so I’ll keep this really short.  It’s just an important story to remember. Kamaishi is a costal town in Iwate Prefecture.  The most northern province affected by last year’s triple disaster.  Fewer school children died there than in other coastal towns. Why? The Read full post


Hospicing Stories of Fear, Midwiving Stories of Possibility — Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #42 ~ December 9th

Posted by bobstilger on

Dear Friends, Earlier this week I was invited to have dinner with Peach Heart’s founders.  A year ago five young women created Peach Heart because they felt young women in Fukushima needed support in speaking their truths to each other.  There’s so much uncertainty for young women and so hard to share either grief or Read full post

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