Who We Work With And For

Welcome to NewStories!

If you are any person, any age, who suspects or knows that the stories we tell ourselves shape our lives and our world, our website has resources that will be particularly helpful to you.


  • Looking for a deeper connection to yourself, others and the planet
  • Looking for communities of like-minded/hearted people
  • Looking for ways to collaborate with others
  • Wanting guidance and support in making the changes you see need to happen
  • Leader who wants to support and be supported by other leaders
  • Strategic philanthropist and/or social entrepreneur looking for ways to contribute


  • Working in the thriving field that wants to share deepest learning
  • Wanting to learn to collaborate with others across fields
  • Needing guidance to name and bring forward your deepest learning
  • Wanting to be part of a larger network of service
  • Wanting to explore the story you’re living in and the story you want to live into


  • In conflict that wants the benefit of skilled dialogue and facilitation
  • Needing a larger vision for how you are part of the whole
  • Wanting help in seeing yourself as part of a larger bioregion
  • Wanting to know about and connect with other communities to maximize collective impact
  • Who has been ripped apart and who seek to reconnect and make new meaning for yourself as well as to survive and thrive