NewStories Team

The New Stories Team, pictured below,  is a community of master practitioners — social process designers, facilitators, community organizers, mindfulness guides, artists and storytellers — from North America and around the world.  We share many values, principles and beliefs, including a sense that we live in a time when  old structures are disintegrating at the same time as new ones are being born.

Work that many have been engaged in for 10 or 20 years of prototyping new possibilities  have begun to produce a bounty: we are creating new models, foundations, patterns and structures. Said another way, we are creating new stories of how to live with life rather than trying to control and dominate it. We are learning, individually and collectively, how to align with the spirit of life. These stories of  new possibilities are part of what we are highlighting on this website.

As a team and a network and a community we are eager to partner with others in almost any part of the world. We are available to work with communities, governmental jurisdictions, businesses, associations and other enterprises, supporting your efforts build and live your new stories.  We can support you as process designers, consultants, facilitators, organizers, mindfulness guides, artists and storytellers. Our members work at local and bioregional levels as well as with translocal systems.

Our New Stories Team is committed to learning into this new field of possibilities with each other.  We will be sharing our stories and learning with each other and with the broader new stories field, acting as one attractor for those whose work is around living into new stories of which hold health and resilience at the center.

Bob Stilger stewards the New Stories Team.  Please Contact Bob for more information on how we might be able to assist you!

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