Who We Are

Our organization, itself is a new story. We have a small Board of Directors in order to meet the governance requirements of nonprofit corporations with a 501(c)3 status. Our Board makes all final decisions about what work to undertake and how to raise and expend funds.

But that’s just a small part of the story. We’re actually more like a nonprofit collective where leadership and initiative comes from all parts of the system. We have a very small staff. We make most decisions by listening to each other. Most of our work is done with and through many partners who have stepped forward to steward the possibilities that call them.

We’re also working to understand this form.  We don’t believe in the old separations between Board and staff and partners. Basically, we’re a group of people committed to giving birth new stories of how we thrive as human beings sharing this planet and its abundance with each other and many other sentient and non-materials beings.

Our Board includes:

  • Rick Paine, Board Chair
  • Lynnaea Lumbard, Co-President
  • Bob Stilger, Co-President and Treasurer
  • Simone Poutnik, Executive Director and Secretary
  • Rick Ingrasci, Member
  • Kate Seely, Member


Initiatives in our Action Lab are directed by various partners.  We stay in regular communication with those organizations we regard as Allies. We provide our Strategic Convening services with Members of the NewStories Team.

Our Action Lab Partners include:

Food and Community
Humane Prison Hospice
Gaiafield Meditations
USA and Australia
Thriving Salish Sea
Kufunda Learning Village


Meet our Allies

Meet our NewStories Team