After the Fires in Northern California

Posted by Bob Stilger on November 19, 2017

I was in Sonoma and Napa Counties earlier this month. Listening, asking, feeling, listening some more. I’ll share reliable statistics when I find them. Hundreds of thousands of acres are burned. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 8000 homes and buildings destroyed. As many as 100,000 people displaced from their homes, with some slowly returning. The Read post

Itatemura: Finding Forward

Posted by Bob Stilger on October 21, 2017

Itatemura was a village of 7,000 people, known all over Japan for its delicious water, clean air, and fertile soil. I was there earlier this month hosting a group of 22 Japanese people on a journey to discover what we could learn from Fukushima’s disaster. Across a mountain range and 20 miles from the Fukushima Read post

Empowering local communities to change the future of migration

Posted by annievirnig on

In the drylands of northern Ethiopia, climate change is a formidable foe to the communities who make their home across the rugged landscape. In one such community, known as Abrha Weatsbha, the intertwined effects of desertification, soil degradation and persistent drought brought residents to the brink of resettlement. No longer able to provide from the Read post

Environmental Superhero Coming to the U.S.

Posted by Bob Stilger on April 11, 2017

(Seattle, WA) Esmeralda Planet Protector (actor/costume designer Sara Holt), hero to millions of kids across Canada, and her sidekick Goober (actor/co-writer Ian Gschwind) are now getting ready to train young Apprentice Planet Protectors across the USA. “It’s clear to me with everything going on, that the US could use an environmental superhero about now,” she said Read post

Facilitator as Energy Conductor

Posted by Simone Torrey on February 20, 2017

Three years ago, I had a client situation where two people engaged in an intense conflict during a gathering I was facilitating and I felt terribly unequipped how to handle the conflict. I knew I needed more training in order to be of best service my clients amidst these kinds of intense, unexpected conflict situations. Read post

The Wisdom Of the Fringes

Posted by tomatlee on

Dear friends, In the end, I believe that those who call forth the most collective intelligence and wisdom will be those who can manifest – and help others manifest – two vital capacities: 1. the ability to include more of what is normally overlooked and excluded and 2. the ability to use diversity and disturbance Read post


Posted by barbarabash on February 15, 2017

I traveled to the Middle East in January to be part of a Nonviolent Communication intensive in the West Bank with 40 Israelis, 40 Palestinians and 15 internationals. We lived together for nine days, listening and speaking deeply, while the Inauguration and the Women’s March and the wild first weeks in the White House unfolded on the other Read post

3 Ways Progressives Can Reconnect With Rural America

Posted by yesmagazine on

Anthony Flaccavento wrote this article for YES! Magazine. Anthony is an organic farmer, activist, and sustainable development consultant based in Abingdon, Virginia. His book, “Building a Healthy Economy From the Bottom Up: Harnessing Real-World Experience for Transformative Change” (June 2016) was published by the University Press of Kentucky. He writes and speaks widely on these issues Read post

What is the purpose that would make you want to live another year?

Posted by aliciakorten on

With the loss of my husband Lorne’s father in 2016, and my own father recovering from a series of small strokes (he is doing great and back in full swing with his speaking and writing), the year was marked by a sense of mortality. Mortality is an interesting thing.  It has made me feel the Read post

Complexity, Strategy and Possibility

Posted by Ben Roberts on January 7, 2017

Complexity, Strategy, and the Possibility of “A World that Works for All.” [Originally published Dec 22, 2016, on Medium and reposted here at Bob Stilger’s request] In a recent Facebook post, the brilliant and prolific Joe Brewer of Evonomics writes: “Every time I hear someone say ‘You need to simplify that so everyone can understand’ — when dealing with the most complex challenges Read post