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Being Present in Roppongi

Posted by Bob Stilger on December 27, 2010

So last week we invited 60 or so people to do something unusual in Roppongi.  A few blocks away from the Japanese Parliament and on the second floor of the Japan Foundation headquarters, we had businessmen and school teachers, consultants and nonprofit organization leaders, college students and retired government workers lying on the floor with Read full post

Women’s Leadership

Posted by Bob Stilger on December 26, 2010

Perhaps it is ironic, but women’s leadership has never been a topic that has captivated my attention. Since I was little, I have heard my mom’s stories about not being allowed to wear anything besides dresses for most occasions, about growing up at a time when there were no sports for women, about fighting for Read full post

Kyoto Autumn!

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Social Ventures – Shikoku

Posted by Bob Stilger on December 17, 2010

My body did protest a bit at the 5:30am alarm after five hours of sleep.  But there was a Shinkansen “bullet train” to catch at 6:30 in Tokyo in order to arrive on the island of Shikoku a little after noon.  Shikoku is one of found main islands of Japan, in the Inland Sea, just Read full post

Helping People Design Their Own Communities

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Yamizaka-san and I were invited to do a workshop in Osaka.  Yamizaka-san was a landscape architect 10 years ago.  Now he’s something else?  But what does he call it?  A community developer?  A community designer?  Both of those have the sense of someone working from the outside.  He works from the inside and is no Read full post

Reflecting Kiyosato Art of Hosting

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We met a couple of nights ago in Tokyo to reflect on the recent Art of Hosting in Kiyosato (see earlier blog).  After almost four months of work here this year, I still am surprised.  What brings 22 people out for five hours on a cold weekday night to reflect on their learning together a Read full post

Nanzan University Human Relations Centre

Posted by Bob Stilger on December 12, 2010

Ten years ago Tsumura-sensei created the Human Relations Center at Nanzan University in Nagoya.  Twenty years before, he had been trained by NTL – National Training Laboratories for Experiential Learning – in “T” Group processes.  He became passionate about experiential learning. What I hadn’t understood was that “T” group work is really a key ancestor Read full post

Generations Together

Posted by Bob Stilger on December 3, 2010

Since my arrival in Japan in January I’ve wanted to do an Intergenerational Dialogue here.  It finally happened last month.  On a beautiful Sunday in the middle of November, nearly 70 people gathered in a lovely building on the Tokyo University campus for the first intergenerational dialogue here.  The youngest was just a month old Read full post

Always Remember to Host the Whole!

Posted by Bob Stilger on December 2, 2010

Like a trip down a water slide, the Art of Hosting at Kiyosato, Japan began and then, quickly, was complete.  Whew! Our second one this year.  This time the hosting team from outside Japan was Toke Moeller from Denmark, Susan Virnig, Bob Wing and Bob Stilger from the US, along with Annie Virnig from the Read full post

Global Summit of Future Centers

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They came from all around the world.  Fifty from Japan, twenty from Israel, Denmark, the Netherlands, UK, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan.  An amazing production across culture.  They came to the lovely space of Fuji-Xerox’s Knowledge Dynamics Initiative (KDI) which organized and hosted the summit with support from The Future Centers Association.  Low Read full post