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April 29 ~ Notes from Japan #11: Zimbabwe

Posted by Bob Stilger on April 29, 2011

It was ten years ago that I journeyed to Zimbabwe for the first time.  Today is the 40th birthday of my dear friend Marianne Knuth.  We were both younger then!  Marianne was beginning a journey that would take her home to Zimbabwe where she would begin to create Kufunda Learning Village.  I still recall those Read full post

April 27 ~ Notes from Japan #10: Nagoya

Posted by Bob Stilger on April 27, 2011

On the train headed back to Tokyo after almost a week in the Kansai Region.  Different teutonic plates, different electrical grid.  The physical disasters seem far away here.  The emotional turmoil is very strong. I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Nagoya, a city I don’t know very well.  When I returned home to Kyoto, Read full post

April 21st ~ Notes from Japan #9: Home in Kyoto

Posted by Bob Stilger on April 21, 2011

Dear Friends, I’ve finally returned home to Kyoto.  I’m only here for an afternoon and night before going to Nagoya for events and conferences for the weekend.  But this place is home.  I arrived this afternoon and had a long and lovely conversation with my 83 year old Japanese father before settling into the rooms Read full post

Resilient Japan

Posted by Bob Stilger on

Hello friends, Right now my work has taken me to Japan — in a big way.  We’ve launched a new website: as host for this work and the commentary I am writing from there.  I will be bringing some of this over into Resilient Communities, because it is the same work.  But right now Read full post

April 17th ~ Notes from Japan #8: Visiting Disaster

Posted by Bob Stilger on April 17, 2011

Dear Friends, I spent Sunday the 17th traveling to, working in and returning from Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture.  Site of some of the worse tsunami damage. Part of being here is just plain strange.  My hotel is shaking as I write at 3 in the morning.  I’m beginning to be able to gauge them Read full post

April 16 ~ Notes from Japan #7

Posted by Bob Stilger on April 16, 2011

I remember years ago watching a western on TV.  A gnarled old man picked up one stick and broke it and said:  “boys, if you stand alone, you’re easy to break.”  He then put a bunch of sticks together and asked one of them to break the bunch — which, of course, they could not. Read full post

April 14 ~ Notes from Japan #6

Posted by Bob Stilger on April 14, 2011

Yesterday morning the earth shook in Tokyo twice as I sat here at my hotel desk.  They are what are now considered mild quakes — just a little more than 5 Magnitude — and both around 100 miles away.  This is part of the new normal here.  The earth just shakes from time to time. Read full post

April 13 ~ Notes from Japan #5

Posted by Bob Stilger on April 13, 2011

Mt. Fuji revealed itself today, for the first time since I’ve been in Kiyosato, a small town in the mountains a couple of hours south and west of Tokyo.  This silent sentinel is always on the rim, hosting Japan.  Often hidden by many layers of clouds, it is always there.  Sometimes just a glimmer… I Read full post

April 12 ~ Notes from Japan #4: Stages of recovery and other wisdom

Posted by Bob Stilger on April 12, 2011

I’ve returned from a nice long soak in the onsen hotsprings here — in the midst of snowflakes falling on the outdoor pool.  A quieter time, after another day of powerful conversations and deep listening.  This is a beautiful place, with nourishing air and fantastic food.  It calls forth a deep presence in those who Read full post

April 11th ~ Notes from Japan #3: Starting Points…Help Needed

Posted by Bob Stilger on April 11, 2011

I sit here a little broken-hearted this morning when last night I was just beginning to see some new clarity.  All I know is that I — and we — need so much help.  And it is not help of the usual kind, it is help in finding and using the starting point.  It is Read full post