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May 30 ~ Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #17: Jimotogaku

Posted by Bob Stilger on May 30, 2011

Dear Friends, I just have a few more days in Japan this trip.  I’ll be back several more times this year.  Most attention is still focused on emergency and initial stages of recovery here.  Soon, attention will turn to how might the Tohoku — as well as all of Japan — be created anew.  And Read full post


Posted by Bob Stilger on May 27, 2011

Dear friends, For two months I’ve been working in Japan on behalf of The Berkana Institute and New Stories, two nonprofit organizations based in the USA.  I’ve been sending regular e-mails about my work and my experiences and you can read them at Berkana’s living systems approach and our experience in working with communities Read full post

May 25 ~ Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #16: Intergenerational Leadership

Posted by Bob Stilger on May 25, 2011

I do love this land.  Sitting on the high-speed train from Kyoto to Tokyo, tanbo  (rice fields)  covered with water glisten in the morning sun.  Spring’s many shades of green cover the nearby hillsides.  I’ve been here for almost two months and will leave in a week for Thailand.  This final week will be spent Read full post

May 15 ~ Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #15: Reasons for Hope

Posted by Bob Stilger on May 15, 2011

My friend Val, from Elos Institute in Brazil wrote me recently: I love your questions about what can be done right now, what are the possible solutions. Yesterday I attended a philosophy class and people’s perspectives about the world were so dark and hopeless… I immediately remembered of you and other people giving a step Read full post

May 13 ~ Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #15: Future Center Week

Posted by Bob Stilger on May 13, 2011

I was born 62 years ago on Friday the 13th, so today has been a “double” birthday for me.  And it has been the concluding day of Future Center Week. Five weeks ago a small group of us gathered at the KEEP at Kiyosato.  Among other things, the KEEP is a lovely venue for personal Read full post

May 11 ~ Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #14: Shikoku

Posted by Bob Stilger on May 11, 2011

Shikoku is the smallest of Japan’s four largest islands.  Located a bit to the west and south of Osaka and Kobe, it is mostly rural, definitely part of the chihoo — which sometimes means rural and other times means anyplace other than Tokyo! I came for the beginning of Future Center week, which is actually Read full post

Postcards from the Edge

Posted by Lynnaea Lumbard on May 10, 2011

Sometimes an event happens that disturbs the whole system so profoundly that, like a gunshot wound in a key organ, the life of the body is threatened. And, if you survive it, you’ll never be the same. Japan is like that, having been hit by a perfect storm of multiple synchronous systems collapse at once Read full post

May 6 ~ Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #13: Radiation

Posted by Bob Stilger on May 6, 2011

Last Sunday I was to have traveled to Koriyama in Fukushima, but a bad cold was coming on and I wisely stayed home.  Yesterday I met with Yuya and learned more of the situation in Koriyama.  It is complex, to say the least. Koriyama is about 60 miles from the nuclear reactors.  It suffered neither Read full post

May 1 ~ Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #12: Empathy

Posted by Bob Stilger on May 1, 2011

Many conversations continue about how best to support the unfolding of work here.  I’m in conversations with an intriguing array of people and organizations.  KDI Future Centers, Japan Dialog. Art of Hosting – Japan, Goi Peace Foundation, Presencing Institute – Japan, Process Work Center – Japan, KEEP at Kiyosato, Social Venture Partners Tokyo and Social Read full post