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Fukushima: When The Past Is Gone, The Future MUST Be Created –Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #37 ~ October 3rd

Posted by Bob Stilger on October 2, 2012

My attention continues to be drawn to Fukushima. In many ways, Fukushima is invisible, just like the radiation which descended on it on March 11th.  In Japan, my experience has been that people’s eyes just slide over it.  As horrific as the destruction is in Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures which were devastated by the tsunami, Read full post

Fukushima: Beyond Reacting –Bob Stilger’s Notes from Japan #36 ~ October 1st

Posted by Bob Stilger on October 1, 2012

I’ve just spent an incredible day in Fukushima province.  People everywhere are leading the way.  My last of four gatherings was just a little while ago.  I was in Tamura City near Koriyama with a smal group of local people.  One, displaced from a town evacuated near the reactors has found land on which to Read full post