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Resilient Japan #57: New Stories for a New Japan

Posted by Bob Stilger on December 18, 2014

Just Back from Japan… I’m back in Spokane, my final trip to Japan this year complete.  Much to share! There are ongoing challenges in the disaster area.  Outside Fukushima, there’s tremendous pressure to return to the old normal — in spite of the fact that the old  normal was not working out very well.  Inside Read full post

Shoulders video

Posted by Rick Ingrasci on October 16, 2014

Here’s a great 7-minute video, part of David Suzuki’s Bluedot Tour: ‘Shoulders’ by Shane Koyczan “There will be no other thing as worth saving as this. Nothing more important, nothing as precious. This is home.” Watch, share, and join the #bluedot movement: Read full post

Love, Not Fear, Will Help Us Fix Climate Change

Posted by Rick Ingrasci on October 4, 2014

My old friend and colleague Dean Ornish has some fresh language for my “Throw a Better Party” philosophy: — Love is more powerful than fear as a sustainable motivator — If it’s meaningful, then it’s sustainable — If it feels good, then it’s sustainable — If it’s fun, then it’s sustainable See the full article Read full post

Tavis Smiley’s new book on Martin Luther King Jr.

Posted by Rick Ingrasci on October 3, 2014

Check out Jon Stewart’s Daily Show interview with Tavis Smiley. REALLY good… Tavis Smiley’s new book “Death of a King,” about the last year of Martin Luther King’s life when he began to become less hopeful and more outspoken about America as a perpetrator of global violence; about how people and institutions embraced his message Read full post

New Video – A World of Solutions

Posted by Rick Ingrasci on October 2, 2014

Dear Friends of the Future, Last week I sent the 3 minute video that was shown to the delegates at the United Nations conference at the beginning of the climate conference. Here is the expanded version (5+ minutes) that is closer to the scenario I developed for the film. I encourage you to distribute this Read full post

Welcome to the New New Stories Website

Posted by Lynnaea Lumbard on September 26, 2014

We are so glad you are here and so excited to show you what we’ve been creating! Please browse around. We are not finished, and may never be finished, as we hope that this resource keeps growing to meet the needs and challenges as we work together to evolve New Stories. New Stories, the organization, Read full post

Can Global Meditation Shift Planetary Consciousness?

Posted by David Nicol on September 25, 2014

Watching the news over the past several months, we can easily get the sense that the world as we know it is on the verge of falling apart. The outbreak of violence in Israel and Palestine, the emergence of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the tension in the Ukraine, the ebola epidemic in Africa – Read full post

New Stories Summit

Posted by Bob Stilger on September 24, 2014

People from all over the world are gathering at Findhorn this week for a New Stories Summit, which promises to be a deep inquiry.  Why are more and more people turning towards the imagery and trajectory of story?  What is it about this meme that is attracting energy at this time? My view, as usual, is Read full post

A Remarkable Day of Peace

Posted by David Nicol on

What a breathtaking day yesterday. We ended up with over 1150 events registered on our map. Over 40,000 people joined the Facebook event. The Global Care Room was lit up with gold points of light all over the planet. And almost 3,000 participated on our global audio broadcast.  The energy was indescribable.  A potent global Read full post

Fukushima (福島) and the Long Reach of Fear

Posted by Bob Stilger on August 20, 2014

Let’s get a more complete view of what’s important. I really want to highlight an excellent piece of work. Please take the time to read this outstanding article if you want to understand radiation and Fukushima: Fukushima and the Long Reach of Fear My friend Tim Connor of Spokane, Washington wrote this piece. Tim and Read full post