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Nuclear Disasters Keep on Giving

Posted by Bob Stilger on November 26, 2015

I sit here at my keyboard feeling both broken-hearted and still angry tonight. Hide Enomoto and I have been co-hosting a learning journey to Fukushima with 24 people, all Japanese except for one American (well two, including me). We visited Itatemura, a small village that began 2011 with a population of about 6,000 people. It Read full post

Axolotl bumps ButterFly

Posted by Bob Stilger on November 4, 2015

For years now I’ve been on a one person campaign to defrock the butterfly as the mascot of transformation.  Human societies are not like butterflies in how they change. A colleague I met early this year a a Art of Hosting Training in Karlskrona, Sweden, took my challenge seriously.  Here’s what she recently wrote. By Phoebe Munson: I have decided that the Read full post