Food For Thought: power

What would Homo Systemicus do?

Barry Oshry
This is one key chapter of a longer manuscript by Barry Oshry which examines the critical nature of power and love in the organic systems in which we humans live, but which we frequently are unable to see. Read full post

While Waiting For Homo Systemicus

Barry Oshry
Many of the problems we human beings encounter might be remedied if we overcame our blindness to the systems in which we live and developed what Barry Oshry calls systems sight. This thoughtful manuscript points towards a different pathway for our future. Read full post

Power and Love

Barry Oshry
Barry Oshry has spent decades analyzing the ways in which power works (and doesn't work). This remarkable essay follows on a conversation Barry had with Adam Kahane before Adam wrote his book Power and Love. The essay offers critical insights. Read full post