We work with with participatory and adaptive leadership approaches to living healthier and happier lives while building stronger communities. We’re committed to researching, evaluating and to sharing our learning on those approaches in a variety of ways.

Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation came into focus as an explicit area for NewStories engagement as a result of our work in 2016 with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Washington League Education Voters and the Japan-US Learning Cohort. Read post

NewStories Action-Learning Cohorts

Japan, and indeed the entire world, are in a period of major transition. NewStories has provided some of the leadership to convene a new learning cohort based in Japan and stretching to the US to explore, understand and deepen this transition. Read post

New Stories Learning Journeys

NewStories Co-President Bob Stilger has been leading learning journeys to difference parts of the world since 2004. Immersion in a different contexts like Japan, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Brazil, India as well as North American is transformative. Read post

Current Models

There are many different models that help communities see their world with fresh eyes. Finding a new story usually involves being able to see more of what is. In the icon to the left, is it a goblet or two people looking at each other or… Read post