Current Models

In this section of the website we will be offering — as well as collecting — different models and ways of thinking change that we find helpful.

New Stories is part of a broad field of practitioners who are discovering how to support each other in building the fields of relationships we need to live in harmony with each other and the rest of the planet.  This work belongs to all of us.  It goes by many names — building thriving communities, creating healthy and resilient communities, discovering new stories.  It takes place in families, in businesses, in place-based communities, in networks and all sorts of other associations.  It is the work discovering what it is like to be truly human and in relationship.

We’re just starting to grow a knowledge base here!  Stay tuned — under construction.  What’s shared here is intended to stimulate your creativity and add to your work in the world!

Feel free to leave comments for us, directing our attention to other specific models and reference materials you have found useful


Two Loops

The Two Loops Model has been a favorite of many people for the last decade. It’s a simple way to picture what’s going on in the world — and where we each stand. Read post