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Join NewStories in Zimbabwe in 2017!

We’re offering our second “learning camp” with Kufunda in Zimbabwe this coming July.  We may offer a learning journey to Japan this fall as well as a Appalachia Learning Journey.  We are moving the work that we have done with learning journeys since 2005 in the direction of having them be part of a longer learning process where participants come together to learn with each other about particular themes over a 6-12 period.

Some of our learning journeys are “open enrollment” where we issue a broad invitation.  Others are “custom” where we work with a partner to design a learning journey for their members.

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Zimbabwe Learning Journey

Kufunda Learning Camp, July 26-August 4, 2017. New Stories has been in partnership with Kufunda Learning Village since its founding in the beginning of this century. Zimbabwe was shifting from being the breadbasket of southern Africa to becoming a country in deep crises. Read post