Our purpose is to help people, organizations, communities and systems navigate the tides of change towards well-being, compassion and deep collaboration.

We are in a time of immense change. Some call it the Great Transition or the Great Turning. Our future is becoming increasingly unpredictable as systems fall apart. The old is breaking up and the new is not yet here. As we wander in the messy middle, how do we find our way? Where do we point our compass? When we can’t see the future, where do we begin? And what skills do we need to help us travel safely through uncharted and turbulent waters?

This is our work: to support and guide people in this great transition of our culture from one paradigm to another. We often use this “Two Loops” model, developed at the Berkana Institute in the early 2000’s, as one map that helps us orient to the larger systems of our times. Whether you are starting something new, helping to hospice what is old, supporting what is emerging, or bridging between the two, we’re here for you.


We invite you to explore this work with us in our Learning Lab, Action Lab and Story Lab and partake of our Services for your own projects and communities. This is your work as well. We ask you to look for where we might join together. We hope you find inspiration and insight, and that you share yours as well. We’re on a epic journey. We need each other.


Our Learning Lab is a place both to do research into the participatory, conversational approaches that are key to our work and to share what we are discovering through workshops, learning journeys, events and eventually a School For the Possible Now. Read post


Our Action Lab is a hub for creativity and innovation, where we host the work of people and organizations who are breathing life into new possibilities. We support the work of pioneers, innovators and entrepreneurs who are discovering how we move through this period Read post


We don’t live in the world, we live in our stories about the world. All around us, new narratives for how to live well are becoming visible. And they are built on the shoulders of many stories of how transition has happened over the long arc of time. Our Stories Lab illuminates Read post

Strategic Convening Services

We offer skills and services for strategic convening both as an expression of our core competencies and as a way to bring revenue into our eco-system. Offered with and through the members of our NewStories Team, we contract with organizations and communities to convene strategic conversations which lead to new action and conscious change. Read post