Our Approach

Members of our New Stories Team have worked in every part of the world designing, hosting and facilitating processes which invite creativity, generatively, learning and action.  We have partnered with a wide range of different organizations who want to engage their members in deep inquiry, understanding complex situations, formulating new strategies and actions and measuring past impacts and successes.

We think of those who engage us for our services as learning partners more than clients.  We are intent on finding new ways forward together.

Our approach in working with our partners uses the five steps above.  We begin by spending a lot of time listening so that we understand the texture and depth of what’s needed.  We work with our partners to discover what conversations need to be convened and who needs to be part of those conversations.  We place an emphasis on always bringing in as much diversity as possible, constructing boundaries which welcome rather than exclude.  Our eyes are always towards next steps — taking action — and then pausing to see what there is to learn.

It’s not good enough to convene people in the same old ways.  In these urgent times, when people gather they want to make a difference.   More than ever, when we come together we need to make a difference.  We need to join with each other in generative spaces where we can listen deeply, speak clearly and create new possibilities.

And it is not enough to simply think mostly about what happens when we bring people together.  An event of any sort has its greatest value when understood as part of a larger ecology of learning and action.  Clarity of purpose, wise invitation, careful harvesting, strategic sharing of results to move a system to the next stage are all part of the process.

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