Stories of our Work

Listening for a Culture of Health

In early 2016 the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation approached Kate Seely with the idea of conduction a National Listening Tour about creating a Culture of Health. For several years RWJF had been developing a Culture of Health emphasis as one way to counter the slide towards less and less health in the United States. Kate turned Read post

Convening for New Vision in Education

In the late summer of 2016 the Washington League of Education Voters approached Peggy Holman about convening a process of create a new vision for education in Washington State. Peggy quickly called together a team that included two other NewStories Team Members, Bob Stilger and Teresa Posakony. In October, 2016 30 people convened in the Longhouse of Read post

Hosting Difference Creates Insight

Members of the New Stories Team can work with you to design and facilitate multi-stakeholder processes which range from a few days to a few years. Together we have extensive experience working in systems throughout the world. Read post

Acting and Learning After Disaster

We live in a time where things keep falling apart. Disasters and systems collapse are a major force in our world today. We see them everywhere we turn. How do we use this energy as a springboard to create the future we actually want? Read post

Learning, Learning, Learning

And, of course, separate from our strategic convening work, but integrally connected, is our commitment to support people who are engaged in cycles of action and learning in their own lives, in their communities and in the businesses and organizations they call home. We create learning cohorts and learning journeys and learning opportunities where people Read post