We believe that our lives are guided by the stories we heard, the stories we tell and the stories we live. Right now at NewStories we are tracking stories in five areas:  transition, thriving resilience, health and wellbeing, learning and justice. Our focus on the last three started to emerge in 2016; transition and thriving resilience have been areas of emphasis for many years.

As we step into the new world of 2017, our intention is to find and share the most important stories in these areas. We need volunteers to help us do so.  Might that be you?  Drop us an e-mail if you would like to explore.


This section shares with you our operating principles: our understanding of the nature of the universe, the principles of the New Story that arise out of whole systems thinking, and some of the basic practices we can engage in to live into a New Story. Read post

Great Transition Stories

What are the stories that illuminate the challenges and opportunities of these times. Come explore an open-source collaboration to collect and present essential, emergent wisdom about a range of life-affirming stories that can help guide us. Read post

Thriving Resilience Stories

Most of us want to have lives that are resilient where we are able to not just survive, but thrive. How’s that happen? What are we learning? Read post

Health and Wellbeing Stories

There’s a new story emerging all around the world as people realized they must take charge of their own health. Everywhere people are getting up in the morning, connecting with each other and doing what they can to make their lives and their communities more healthy Read post

Learning Stories

How do we learn in the 21st Century? What vision of the future, and of now, do our educational systems serve? What’s already happening to transform learning and needs to be illuminated and amplified? Help us explore the new stories of transforming learning. Read post

Transforming Justice Stories

With prisons overflowing and cops and citizens seemingly at war in many communities, what is a new narrative for justice? How do we insure the safety of EVERYONE in our communities? How do we treat those who’ve made mistakes with dignity and respect? Read post