How do new stories open places to stand to create the lives and communities and future we want?  The word stories conjures up a host of images and meanings.  We’d like to share a bit of how NewStories steps into this word.

Meta Stories

Meta stories hold us. They are the larger or archetypal stories that give meaning and purpose to our lives and direction for our actions. We can be living more than one story and we can change the stories we live in. Read post

Principles of the New Story

These principles illuminate the essential qualities, the intrinsic nature and characteristic behaviors that are the foundation stones of the New Story. They serve as a base for our understanding and guidelines for our actions on behalf of the New Story. Read post

New Stories Practices

Embedded in our worldview is the set of values that we aspire to embody in our lives. They govern the practices we commit to and the choices we make about our actions. Where do we want to come from in our relationship to others? What motivates us to act? What are we trying to be in how we live our lives? Read post