Great Transition Stories

The most difficult challenge facing humanity is not devising solutions to the energy crisis or climate crisis or population crisis; rather, it is bringing stories or narratives of the human journey into our collective awareness that empower us to look beyond a future of great adversity and to see a future of great opportunity. What visions of humanity’s journey are sufficiently compelling to transcend age-old differences and bring us together in a common venture of inhabiting the Earth in ways that are sustainable?

The Great Transition Stories Project is dedicated to naming these larger stories of transition that help hold a vision for a life-affirming future and how to get there. Beginning in 2011  Duane Elgin,  Jeff Vander Clute and Lynnaea Lumbard, have worked together to understand and illuminate the Great Transition Stories of our times.

This work is so powerful that we’ve launched an entire website within our NewStories family to explore these stories.

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